Friday, August 22, 2008

the woman who went up a hill and came down a mountain

I decided to explore the resort yesterday. I ended up on a two-hour hike that felt like it was uphill, both ways. But it was awesome!

My trek turned out to include lots my favorite things:
time to myself
things to write about on my blog!

It also included some of my not-so-favorite things: small insects buzzing around my face, and worse yet, maps.

When the nice lady at the entrance to the Art Legacy Walk handed me a map of the trail, I should have pointed out her error. I do not do maps. They are documents in foreign tongues that I do not speak. I didn't want to appear rude, so I took the map, and asked if they would come out to find me if I didn't return by dusk. She assured me that I would not get lost, and I set off, like Gretel, but with no Hansel and not even a cookie to crumble along the path.

It was pretty cool.

I felt wild and adventurous. I had been on a ski lift this week, for Pete's sake, so I knew I could do this.

Within minutes I had hiked up a VERY steep incline, knees clicking loudly all the while. It was harder than I expected, but worth it. The wooded mountainside was decorated every few yards with interesting works of art emphasizing the culture and history of Northern Michigan. It was a beautiful day, and although I didn't even have a bottle of water, let alone trail mix, I did have my cell phone and that helpful map.

I got lost. The sign at the entrance to the trail said it would take about 40 minutes to complete. Two hours later I immerged, exhausted but victorious.

It seems to be a week for adventure.

Here are some photos from my trip up the mountain.
my life story
oh deer! look closely
a welcome sight
handicapped accessible
roadblock fail
oh deer, part II
the old ball and chain
only you can prevent forest fires
I'd turn back if I were you
the Big Man and me (in tree form)
cool artwork
tragic flight
proof that I did it
the view from the top
gettin' twiggy with it
big, big amphibian
steeper than they look
I'm lichen it
leaf me alone

Do you have a mountain to climb today?

Get to it.

P.S. I went on the ski lift again last night. Twice. I was still scared, but the ride down on the Alpine Slide was pretty fun. And the Big Man now owes me jewelry.


Journey of Truth said...

I'd have loved a nature walk like that. I think I like that sign "Difficult, More Difficult". I could use that in many spots in my life!!

Soul Pockets said...

Looks like so much fun. I love the pictures. My favorite is Big man and Me in tree form and leaf me alone.

Anonymous said...

Oddly enough, today, August 26, is St. Adrian's feast on the Greek calendar.

Happy (non) Feast Day!