Thursday, August 14, 2008

can you revamp my website?

Or do you know someone who can?

I'd like to do a make-over of my Broken and Blessed website. My daughter did a great job of getting things started, but she is so busy being a newlywed that I just can't get her to help me update it.

I'm up for renewal at my current host, but I'm open to suggestions. I'd like a site that is fresh and easy to navigate -- and one that I can frequently update on my own without tons of tech support.

Please comment here or send me a note at brokenandblessed at gmail dot com.



Jamie said...

They have a ton of cute backgrounds for free or you can do more and pay for it to be done. Check it out!

I've been there a couple times, but can't decide, there's so much to choose from! I did try it once though and then deleted it, so if I can do it, it's easy, she gives step by step instructions, just click on the type you want and the instructions are there.

Urban Mom said...

Click over to Life With My 3 Boybarians. Darcy has a website design business that might be helpful! (she's on my blogroll, if that helps)