Thursday, August 7, 2008

slippin' through my fingers

Time, that is.

In particular, time with my "little" girls.

Like Meryl Streep's character in Mamma Mia, today I'm singin' about my baby girl going off and getting married and leaving me. For the second time this summer, I'm letting go.

Last night my girls and I went to see the delicious ABBA-filled confection known as Mamma Mia, and while it is totally contrived (what musical is not?) and filled with moral mishmash and a nonsense ending, we ate it right up. (It did feature Pierce Brosnan, so I just could not resist.)

Yes, it was yummy, as were the large popcorn with extra butter, the box of sno-caps and the bag of reese's pieces. Not to mention the large iced tea, with no sugar, of course.

The three of us, alone in the theater except for one man (we figured he came to pick up women and were sorry to disappoint him), munched, laughed and sang our way through the 10:40 show, plus previews. It was great. I looked over at my girls, now beautiful women, and just wanted to capture the moment forever, like a photograph that could never fade.

Meryl's character sang about the same idea, and I got a little teary-eyed during the scene, especially when she was drying her daughter's beautiful hair. It reminded me of caring for my girls when they were little, and in one moment I realized I would never care for them quite that way again. I know they will always need me, but as I send them off to be wives, I understand my role will indeed be in transition.

I wiped away the tears and looked at Lauren. She was laughing at the screen. Meryl as mom was holding her daughter on her lap as she painted her girl's toenails. Lauren, who is of normal size, not waif-like like this actress, would make quite a picture sitting on my lap! Then in her typical fashion, Lauren leaned over to me and whispered something sweet and thoughtful in my ear:

"This is a boring song, Mom."

She was right. We had much more fun during Dancing Queen, which I intend to dedicate to my girls at the reception tomorrow.

My girls and I have had so much fun growing up together. I know things are changing, but I pray we will always be able to share, grow and laugh together.

I'm one lucky mamma.


Soul Pockets said...

Your post always bring tears to my eyes, beautiful.

Cassie said...

My daughter's just a baby now, but you have made me look forward to everything that is to come and want it to slow down too, all at the same time. Congratulations on raising two beautiful women!