Friday, September 18, 2009

my crown of roses: prayers of love

The goodness of God continues to touch me, daily, in ways both simple and profound.

Today I received an email that reminded me that His ways are so far above ours that we cannot fathom it.

I was reminded yet again that prayers are not just good thoughts, or "positive energy." They are real communication between us and Our Lord. Prayers are bonds that connect us with heaven, and with one another.

Please visit my Australian "cyber-friend" Therese, and read the brief story that stunned me and filled me with joy.

God is so good, and I am so blessed.


Aussie Therese said...

Our God is so awesome he connects us from miles apart. As my other friend Cathy said, he provides even if it is through prayers. Thanks so much for linking Cathy. I have added Celeste to the saints in heaven that I ask to intercede for me regularly.

GrandmaK said...

This has been simply amazing!!! Her blog was the first one I read this a.m. at 5:00. It's now 12 hours later and again I am drawn here! God is GOOD!!! Thank you for the goose bumps!!! Cathy

elena maria vidal said...

Awesome! And I just finished a novena to St Therese so those roses on the little girl's head are mine! ;-)

Laura said...

My dad taught us that "staying connected" allows you to see the mysterious wonderful things going on all around us all the time.
Like this.

Kay said...

That was amazing. How wonderful that God gives us these little miracles and tokens to enrich and reinforce our faith.

Thank you and thank God.