Monday, January 25, 2010

word search

Fortitude. Patience. Belief. Faith.

Grace. "Fiat." Wisdom.

It appears that choosing a "Word of the Year" is in vogue, and for a change, I'm wordless.

As I wrote here, I've been coming up blank these days. Regular readers of this blog (are there any left? I know I haven't given you much to read these days!!) know that I specialize in long-winded posts. Wordiness is my thing. I love words. I'm all about words.

But a word of the YEAR seems like an awfully big commitment, one I'm not sure I'm ready to make.

One of my favorite bloggers wrote about it recently, revealing that her WOTY is "fortitude," which happens to be one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Other bloggers shared their selections, including some of the ones mentioned above.

Are you noticing a theme? These words are all fabulous, and worthy, and, well, pious. I don't think any of them quite capture how I'm feeling these days.

Where are exhaustion, boredom, and irritation? How 'bout frustration, annoyance and impatience? Oh wait, the word is supposed to be positive, I forgot! It's supposed to be a reminder of what we're seeking - where we're going, not where are now.

OK, so how about chocolate? Or diamonds. Maybe vacation, or even weekend. Remodeled bathroom is two words, but that'd be cool too.

I suppose it's supposed to be something a bit more simple and precious. I could go with sunshine. Or maybe rain. Or leaves. Or rainbows. Unicorns? Care Bears? (Drats, two words again.)

I know I'm poking fun at the idea, and I don't mean to mock anyone who's chosen a Term for '10. I suppose I'm just annoyed at how boggled I am by this.

I love words, but the angst I feel at choosing just one reveals a certain aspect of my personality. I stink at making choices. I always feel like this is the last handbag/couch/dessert/WOTY I will ever get to choose, and I'm afraid, that like that guy in Indiana Jones, I won't choose wisely.

Soooo, I'll take a deep breath and pick one.

Erudite? Crudite? Carnivore?

Carnival? Validate? Liquidate?

Quiver? Sluice? Spore? Orifice?

Now I'm out of control.

Any suggestions? What's YOUR word of the year?