Saturday, August 9, 2008

wedding mania!

Well, we made it!

Our beautiful daughter Lauren married her love yesterday!

I'm so exhausted, but I just couldn't go without posting a few informal photos! The weather was magnificent, the ceremony glorious, the bride radiant.

Praise God!


*Mia Jude* said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures! Your daughters wedding dress was so pretty and I absolutely love yours! I would love to see a picture of the whole thing on you if you have one. I just love the color of it. That color is actually the color of my bridesmaids dresses! Congrats on your daughters wedding and God Bless!

Cassie said...

Beautiful pictures! What a glorious day!

Journey of Truth said...



Soul Pockets said...

Beautiful!! I love the picture with her flipping her veil. The happiness on her face is priceless. You did it Cathy! Congratulations.

thomas said...

finally caught up on your latest posts.. and they're great :)

[other than the severe lack of groomsmen in your pictures, of course]

Kate Wicker said...

So lovely, and you're one of the few people who can pull of fuschia. You looked absolutely gorgeous (as did the bride!).


And reading your "shrinking" post is just what I needed today. Too often I find myself pining for more time to write or read or pray or just sit with a cup of tea. But this phase of my life I have now - with all the craziness that comes with having little ones around - is such a gift and it's so fleeting. I have to remind myself over and over to soak it all up.

God bless!