Saturday, October 4, 2008

the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe

The lion: "My beloved, I will do anything for you. Your wish is truly my command. I will slave for hours to make your dreams come true, to overcome every evil, to save you from all fear, hostility, and disorganization that may threaten you. I am your lion, your big man."

The witch: "Why is this taking so long? Get to work! Build it! Create the monolith that will be a testament to my largesse! Bring order to the castle! Spare no expense in meeting my demands."

The wardrobe: It now stands completed: a monument to lingerie, leather and poly-cotton blends. Transported with care from the distant, exotic land of Ikea to our tiny lavender bedroom, it has been assembled with love, sweat and NO COMPLAINING. It's a miraculous tribute to textiles, and an enduring symbol of one one woman's love for shoes and one lion of a man's love for his witch of a wife.

Here's a glimpse of my ticket to Narnia:


Urban Mom said...

Did you build them yourself? 'Cause I will stand in awe......

Lauren said...

I like that you rainbowitized the clothing. So chill.

Cathy Adamkiewicz said...

Yep, my Big Man put this monster together BY HIMSELF. It is awesome!
And I did rainbowitize stuff -- I couldn't help it -- those days at Christopher and Banks changed me forever!

Laura said...

Oh dear.
My husband and I ARE NOT intelligent in this way.
We have tried.
We stink.
Congrats to you.