Thursday, April 2, 2009

baby love

I never get tired of looking at ultrasound pictures.

I'm fascinated by the technology, even though the pics sometimes look to me like maps of the moon.

But when the ultrasounds are of my GRANDCHILDREN? Then I'm really in love.

The above photo is my darling grandbaby that is due in September, cousin to little Gracie who will be here in a month or so. Lauren and Giovanni were so excited to find out the gender. A boy? A girl? Either would be lovely, but they had their fingers crossed for a son.

They got their wish!

My little grandson will be here before we know it. I just can't wait to see if he has Giovanni's curls or Lauren's blue green eyes. I can't wait to kiss his chubby little cheeks and smell his sweet baby smell.

I love babies. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my grandbabies!

I'm one lucky lady.


Laura said...

How exciting!
I love these images too.

Sarah (JOT) said...

Congrats! How lovely. When I hear or read the word grandmother I think: some day. I hope! Of course, my oldest will be 15 in twelve days so it's best we all wait on that a few years, yeah? Many blessings for this great joy for you all!!

Lora said...

That's so exciting!
Congratulations to them AND you!

Kim H. said...

And we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE hearing all about your grandbabies. So, so exciting!!!! :) I'm praying for your girls.

Almost empty nester said...

My first grandson is due next month I just can't wait to meet him.

Christine said...

This is exactly what life is about. So sweet how excited you are and how proud. Those grandbabies are blessed.

Urban Mom said...

Congratulations! How fun!