Sunday, April 19, 2009

mercy me

Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated....

No, I'm not dead. At least not literally. It seems that when life, real life, gets busy and overwhelming, the first thing I let go is my writing. Isn't that unfortunate, for the both of us?

The boys will be returning to school tomorrow (I honestly can't believe I ever managed to home school!) Then perhaps I'll make, or take if I must, the time to write again!

For now, a brief thought about the feast we celebrate today: Divine Mercy.

Aren't you supremely thankful that God FORGETS all our transgressions?

Aren't you amazed that he shows us MERCY when we least deserve it?

Aren't you blown away with the thought that Jesus is waiting, eagerly, to BLESS us when we run to Him?

There's one catch.

He asks us to show mercy to our neighbor. You know the one, the guy who's harmed you, the one you can't forgive.

A thought: pray for that person today, the one you simply can't forgive. Forgive him with your will. Show him the mercy he doesn't deserve.

And bask in the mercy that is yours for the taking.

Learn more about the Divine Mercy Devotion here.


GrandmaK said...

What a wonderful extension you have her of Fr. Dave's homily this morning at Mass! Thank you! The beauty in this is that we can see how the Spirit is ALWAYS moving! Cathy

Lerin said...

Glad to hear you are alive... ;) I don't get to check blogs except about once a week now, like is similarly hectic-er by the minute. ;)

Melissa said...

Your thoughts on showing mercy to our neighbor is something I practice every day. Mainly for one individual who needs all the prayers they can get even though in a realistic world they do not deserve it.
I find that having mercy and saying prayers for this person gives me hope that they will one day see the light, so to speak, and change their ways.
It doesn't matter if you turn blue in the face trying to help someone see past their negativity and irrational views on life, the only thing that can make that person change is their own desire to change and make a difference.
So until then I keep on praying for the conversion of their heart.
The Divine Mercy is a beautiful prayer and I really should make a point of saying it more often.
Thanks for your views on showing mercy. It really hit home.