Thursday, December 18, 2008

'twas the week before Christmas...

Yes, I am still alive!

It seems that the more I have to say, the less time I have to say it. I've been wanting to update and have been simply overwhelmed lately.

Sophie is cute as ever, but she DOES NOT WANT TO SLEEP AT NIGHT. She has found barking at all hours to be her favorite pastime. She also enjoys pooping in her crate instead of on her papers. I know, puppies are like babies, blah blah blah. I'm tired and cranky. I know, I'm the one who wanted a puppy, I have to deal with it. Blah, blah blah. She's grow up and learn and life will go on, right?

Luke has been sick all this week with something nasty. I sent him off to school this morning (after three days at home) even though he was moaning and saying his stomach still hurts. I haven't gotten a call yet, so he's fine, right?

I'm off to renew my driver's license now. Even for a gal like me, who likes to have her picture taken, this is not fun. I know this pic will be hanging out in my wallet for the next ten years, and they are not very accomodating photographers at the police station. They ignore me when I point out that photos look best when taken from above, and they don't even want to know which of my sides is best. Can you imagine?

Tomorrow we are due for a snow storm around these parts, so I'm hoping to be snowed in enough that I might find myself trapped in front of my computer. I've got a great post on the Big Guy of the season -- our man Santa -- that I want to share with you. I just haven't written it yet (small detail) but wow, it's great in my mind!

For now I leave you with this detail of our Christmas tree. It is real, as in not artificial, a caveat to my Joey who was threatening to boycott Christmas if we switched to the storebought variety. It looks quite beautiful, I must admit, very traditional and festive.

Bear with me while I sort out another traditional occurrence -- one that happens yearly but without festivity. I'm experiencing that week-before-Christmas stress we moms are all familiar with. Breathe in, breathe out. I'm better now!


Kim H. said...

Honey, I've SO missed you!

I'm sorry about the puppy. I wish I really did have the direct doggie hotline number to Cesar Milan. I'd totally phone one in for you.

Wish we were getting snow down here in O-hi-ya. :( I want snow. Except NOT next Friday when we have to travel. Okay, I know, weather on MY terms!

Can't wait for your big post. I can hear the wheels turning and smell the smoke!

Love the tree.

Sorry about the sickness. Hope it wasn't a puke-fest.


Soul Pockets said...

I was wondering where you have been.
You have been missed in the blogging world.

Sounds like you need a visit from the dog whisperer!

Christine said...

Keep us informed with all the puppy woes and fun! I love crazy dog stories and the stuff they get into.

Laura said...

No pressure, but I've been awaiting that little Santa post.
.....keep posting about your puppy too because I keep going back and forth about wanting a dog and a reality check would be helpful.