Thursday, December 4, 2008

meet Sophie!

Thanks for all the great input on the puppy names. I must admit that I spent most of last night obsessing. (Especially after reading Christine's comments! :))

Should I name her a "real" name? Will I offend someone? Should I even get a dog at all?

I admit I wracked my brain for a "dog" dog name, and I couldn't think of anything. Well, I actually thought of a few things, but then I realized I knew (or knew of) PEOPLE with these names! (I know of a human Sunshine, Candy, Trixie, and Buffy.)

Anyway, when I saw this little girl last night I knew the name I had dreamed of for a puppy was just right for her.

She's Sophie, and she's the newest member of this crazy family.

She is so cute, cuddly and affectionate, with just enough spice to keep things interesting. I'm feeling quite peaceful that she's just the right pet for us.

Isn't it great when things work out like that?


Kim H. said...

I think she's adorable - and the picture of the two of you is so stinkin' cute! I don't know how you'll put her down. Like I always say to my friends that get little foofy dogs, just promise me you won't make us call you "Paris". Bwahaaaaa!

Suzanne said...

cute cute cute. I'm ready for a small dog. My big ones hog the bed.

Laura said...

I want your dog.
My husband won't let us have a small one but yours is so precious.
Do not covet.
Do not covet.
Do not covet.

Soul Pockets said...

She is so cute!

I am glad your happy with your little pooch, come over to my blog and give us some more of your happiness because you have been tagged.

momto5minnies said...

Awww ... she is just a little ball of fluff! Don't you just wish she would stay that small (sort of like babies).

TOTAL CUTENESS. Enjoy your new little puppy.

Christine said...

Oh Cathy you are so so sweet to be concerned about what I said???!!!?? I was just leaving my opinion. Sometimes I should just butt out.

I think Sophie is a pretty name for a pretty pooch and she will bring you lots of joy and memories through the years.

Keep the pictures coming and all the crazy antics that precious pooch will give you.

Kate Wicker said...

Too cute. Congrats on your family's new addition. :)

Journey of Truth (Sarah) said...

I love her! So cute!

Bia said...

Dear Sophie,

You are really cute. You are blessed to be with such a loving family. Have a Merry Christmas...don't eat any wrapping paper.


Sharon said...

Awe your puppy is so cute! Is it strange how a puppy love can bless your family with peace. I heard once on Relevant Radio that Angels often come in the form of animals. Truly your family is beautiful! I hope as the New Year rolls we can be friends! God knows I have been blessed with great friends but new friends bring new light to your soul!