Wednesday, December 3, 2008

puppy love, part 2

A while back I mentioned I was thinking about getting a dog.

Yesterday my husband nudged me along, since I've been talking about it for months. So today I took the plunge and actually called about an ad I saw for adorable pek-a-poo pups.

The female is black and white (with an "active" personality) and the male is a laid-back brown and white cutie. As of this morning, no one has left a deposit, but several folks are interested. So tonight we are going to meet them (the Big Man called it pet speed dating.)

I guess it's a sign that I really want to do this because I am so excited and hoping no one else will claim them both. I originally wanted a female, but now I don't care (that calm male is sounding great.)

But I have a very serious problem, and I need YOUR help! What does a smart, sassy, sophisticated grandma-to-be such as myself name her new doggy?

If you're going to suggest Hank, Spot, Buffy, or Rufus, think again.

I need something original. Maybe a literary reference, a cool, little known saint or a moniker with a significant meaning.

I like Sophie for a girl because Sophia means "wisdom." (Just sounds like a very empowered feminine chick, but still a little darling, like her owner, of course.)

Should I get a male pup, I'm at a loss. Suggestions, please!


Charlotte said...

I've always wanted to get a dog and name him "Vincente Arnaldi". Don't ask me why, I just like the sound of that name.

Of course, most of the time I'd call him Vince. Only when I was really frustrated or really overjoyed with him would I use his real name.

"Vincente Arnaldi--did YOU make this mess??"

"Vincente Arnaldi-I sure do love love love you!"

momto5minnies said...

So cute! I'm not overly clever with names. We got our Border Collie as an early Christmas gift 3 years ago and his name is Comet (like the reindeer).

My Mom named her doggie Bella and there is that wonderful movie "Bella".

Kim H. said...

Well, that puppy is cute enough to put on a cracker, that's for sure. It's hard to think of a real-manly-man kind of name for something that cute and fluffy. There's always Oliver or Winston.

I do like Sophie for a girl puppy.

Let me think on it. What a fun early Christmas gift though. Take lots of pictures.

Nikki said...

We were given the gift of a shih tzu puppy this summer. My girls have really taken to her. They carry her around like a doll. She even takes rides in the doll stroller.

My 2 year old daughter is Sophia. I have always loved that name. Our dog got the name Bella. I think it suits her. It seems feminine and I like the pro-life reference.

I also liked Annabel. I have always liked the poem Annabel Lee by Edgar Allan Poe. On that note, Edgar works too -- for a male.

Christine said...

Sorry if I am the only one who feels this way but I cannot stand it when people give dogs "people names" is a dog. Very cute but dogs should have dog names. Just my 2 cent worths.

I do not like Sophie because that is my cousins name and she is a precious little girl. Sorry again.

OK nice dog name....and I would pick the girl would be something after wine...fine wine like MERLOT....Merlot would be a cute dog name!!

momto5minnies said...

LOL Christine ... so many people do name their animals more "human" names. I've had a Muffin, Nikita, and now Comet. We did think about STARBUCKS when we named our dog Comet ... I do love my coffee ;)

Cassie said...

Okay, I am going to say that I'm all about naming my pets people names, but I see I'm in the minority here with this crowd! LOL! But, I just have a problem giving an animate being an inanimate name. It's not that I think dogs are in any way equal to humns, I just think they are a little above a bottle of wine on the scale - unless of course you can't get it house-broken. Then go with the wine! Ha ha ha! My cat is named Audrey after Audrey Hepburn!

Bia said...

Sir Byron Barksalot.

Now I'm going to be pondering the name thing all day....

Soul Pockets said...

Names I like...


Natasha (Niki)
Holly (since it is almost Christmas)
Sushi (These are Japanese dogs right?)


Stanley (A shout out to the Polish)
Nick (Since it is Christmas time)
Moxie (named after a soft drink that was supposed to give you energy)

Soul Pockets said...

I wanted to add every shih tzu I know is named Gizmo, so you might want to stay away from that one.

Aaron said...

I think it is ironic that you are set on the girls name but can't decide on the boys name. If I recall correctly, every time you were pregnant, early on, before we knew the sex of the baby, we could always pick a name for one sex but had difficulty deciding on the other.

Isn't it strange that the boy dog was sold by the time we got there?


Maybe that's the making of another blog post?

Aaron said...

PS, I put the $ in your account. So go ahead and Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas.

Maybe you should name her Pandora.

Laura said...

Peeve (You could say ...this is my pet, Peeve!!!)

And I need to tell Nikki that Annabel Lee is one of the creepiest Edgar Allen Poe poems ever...