Tuesday, December 2, 2008

pink or blue?

Yesterday my daughter and her husband shared one of the most wonderful moments a couple can -- they saw their new baby on ultrasound.

It seems things have changed quite a bit since I had my first baby over 22 years ago, and even since my last one was born less than four years ago. Pregnant moms no longer need to drink gallons of water before the procedure (wasn't that evil?) and Dad is welcome to stay for the whole thing. They also had a handy TV screen hooked up that Rachel could view the entire time. I remember straining to see the screen throughout, but the techs always insisted on keeping it out of sight until the very end. And even then, you only got to see a brief glimpse of a fuzzy image that looked more like a map of the moon than a human baby.

We've all been anxious around here for this particular ultrasound -- the window into the womb that would reveal the Peanut's gender. I've been pondering it often in recent weeks. Will my first grandchild be a boy or a girl?

It is God's honest truth that we would joyfully welcome either variety. I found myself wistful for another boy, like my four urchins. Little boys are wonderful; they remind us of our husbands in all the best ways, and they adore their mothers. My boys bring me so much joy. I could picture a little grandson, with my daughter's chubby cheeks, my son-in-law's curls, and my husband's disposition. A little boy would be wonderful.

Then I dreamed of a granddaughter. A little girl would be so exciting! It has been so many years since I bought a doll! She would be our little princess, protected by a whole team of uncles, doted on by an aunt who would spend her paycheck on dresses. My heart also longed for a girl since my little Celeste is gone. She cannot be replaced, of course, but I admit the thought of having a little girl was a comfort.

So yesterday when the baby had "its" photo shoot, we waited anxiously to find out. A boy? A girl? What will that grandchild be????

It's a .....really cute wonderful little baby that we will love!

And her parents will name her Grace, and that is what she will bring to our family.

Congratulate me!!!!


Lolo said...

I'm so excited to buy her Barbies!!

Kim H. said...

Congratulations! So, so wonderful! God is good. Praying for happy, healthy baby, peace and comfort for mommy and courage for daddy!

I loved your descriptions of why you wanted a boy or a girl - having two of each, you hit it right on. I think you know a thing or two! :)

Jen said...

Oh congratulations!!! I'm so excited for you. How wonderful for your whole family!

Soul Pockets said...

A little princess indeed!!!

I am so happy for all of you!

Almost empty nester said...

Congratulations! I find out what my daughter is having on december 11th (as long as the baby cooperates). I cant wait.

Journey of Truth said...

I always have an idea of what I think I want and then God always provides much better! Congratulations and much joy to you all!

Bia said...

Congratulazioni! My sister just announced over Thanksgiving that they are expecting their third child.

A baby...always a reason for rejoicing.

Laura said...

I love love love little toddler boys which is why I obsess over my 3 year old nephew, Graham.
But little girls?
I love them too because the affection lasts much longer.
(Oh except when they reach 12 or 13 and decide that all adults have the plague.)

Christine said...

What a blessing! So much love from a wonderful family!

momto5minnies said...

YAY!!!!! What a beautiful name for a baby. Hopefully it is a girl ;)

CONGRATS Grandma (is that what you will be called?)

Kate Wicker said...

Thanks be to God for a healthy baby girl. Being the mom of two little girls, I'm partial to sugar and spice. :)