Tuesday, October 28, 2008

school daze

First of all, thank you.

Thank you to the many friends who called, posted comments, and sent emails in the last few days. You have no idea how much your encouraging words have meant to me!

The boys LOVED school. Their first day was awesome. Luke started off the morning by announcing, "I'm one half excited, one quarter nervous and one quarter 'I want to stay home.'" That pretty much summed it up for all of us. So they headed out the door, backpacks in tow, Mom and Dad following along. There were no tears (not even from Mom!) and they came home excited and enthusiastic, anxious to return.

They had the day off yesterday (a retreat for teachers was taking place.) They are back today, and we are all HAPPY! I know we made the right decision, at least for now.

The years I spent homeschooling my children were a great gift. I know that I was doing God's will then, and I'm feeling peaceful that we are continuing in His will today. I know the excitement will wear off, and soon they will be complaining about homework. (Oh wait, that already happened last night!) There is no perfect school situation, but I really believe this is best for us right now.

Thanks for your continued prayers.


momto5minnies said...

I'm glad the day went well. They look very cute in their uniforms!

Kim H. said...

Okay, can I just tell you I LOVE the one half, one quarter, one quarter comment. So precious! And isn't it wonderful how kids can put their feelings in to words like that. If only we grown ups were better at it.

They look super handsome and I'm glad the first day went well. I'm going to keep praying for them.

You know this year we moved our kids from Catholic to public schools - and you know, they've done BEAUTIFULLY! It's not perfect - there's NO perfect anything - but you made the best decisions for you family that you can. With prayerful consideration and family support - and of course, knowing God has HIS hands on you always, it makes the trusting part a little easier.

And if I lived around the corner I'd bring you one of those yummy little cider caramel cups of love! :)


Aaron said...

You must not have seen the tear welling up in my eye when we were dropping them off. Right after we left Luke, I felt one coming up. I pushed it back, though. I felt like I should be there to hold you up if needed. Maybe I should do that ALL the time. (Can you read between the line?)

Cathy Adamkiewicz said...

OK, I confess I had one tear too, when I got home and it was soooo quiet.

Laura said...


Soul Pockets said...

They are so handsome!

I agree no situation is perfect. It is what we make of it and how we follow what God wants us to do that makes our situations not perfect, but pretty darn good.

I am so glad they liked it, and I am happy you all are happy too.