Tuesday, July 29, 2008

one more special birthday!

We wrapped up the week of celebrations with one more honoring my mom on her 80th.

As we gathered in my small family room, crammed around the table and LOUDLY sang Happy Birthday (including, of course, May the Dear Lord Bless You and the Polish Sto Lat) I was struck with the beauty of the scene. How fortunate I am to have my parents! We are so blessed to have a family that has endured much but remained close.

My mother looked beautiful surrounded by her husband of 48 years, two children and six grandchildren. I hope someday to be so lucky!

My mom sent me this thoughtful email in response to the difficult day I had over the weekend. Here's what she had to say:

Dear Cathy,
I felt so bad today joining in your disappointment. I'm almost twice as old as you are, so I figure I have probably suffered twice as many failures.of fortune. That's the law of averages, right?

Then the gospel today reminded us how Solomon only asked for wisdom to help others and the Lord rewarded him in many ways. Isn't that what we are trying to do in our modern way writing books or blogs on the internet and taking part in other media events?

It has seemed to me too that the Lord for whatever reason has not put me in a position to use my talents in a way that would bring both me and others I might influence for His good closer to our goal of Heaven. When I was able and younger I was turned away from being a catechist and from playing the organ in church. How could those have been bad things? I feel I never did find the place where I could make a difference and really fill a need.

In the sermon today the conclusion seemed to be to avoid praying for material things. I always thought that if I won the lottery I would be able to help a lot of people, not only my family but others less fortunate. I'd love to give a big donation to our church. That doen't seem like a selfish thing to me. Yes, that would make me happy, but isn't that the feeling that doing good is supposed to produce?

So, I must admit I too don't understand exactly what the Lord is trying to teach us in denying us the positive answer to some of our prayers. It does say. "Ask and you shall receive."

The only conclusion I've reached after all of these years is that I still haven't been blessed with the gift of wisdom by the Holy Spirit. And yes, I am still praying for that. Time is running out though, I hope I get it soon! Love Mom

I'm convincing her to start a blog of her own, because she has a lot more of that wisdom than she thinks!


Joan said...

You, all of my beatiful family, made this a very special day! I usually don't like pictures of me but being surrounder by so many good looking people seems to have enhanced my image. Now, if I could just figure out how to get rid of my double (triple ?) chin, I might even be able to pass for 70. Love Mom

Soul Pockets said...

Cathy what I wouldn't give to have a mom that was so connected with me. You are surely blessed.

Happy Birthday Joan, you look younger than 70!


Christine said...

I just found your blog....because of your comment on mine...and I like your thoughts. You do put your heart out there. Blessings to you.

Journey of Truth said...

How absolutely lovely! YOu are so blessed to have a mum you can connect with like this. She's absolutely beautiful! Love the family photo!! Enjoy and love.