Monday, July 14, 2008

a letter from Lolo

I heard from my daughter Lauren via email. Her note was so sweet I had to post it here.

Hi momma! We made it safely to Australia! I miss you guys a lot. When we were on the plane to LA, I was crying a little because I missed you so much. But Giovanni made me feel better.

It's 8am on Monday morning; how weird is that?? You're prolly like having dinner on Sunday, and I just ate breakfast! I totally ate baked beans for breakfast. It was the hax, you're so jello.

We're going to go for a nature hike today, so I'll def take lots of picture of the Australian wildlife. Apparently everything here has the ability to kill you. Even the birds. Even the aboriginies. Even crossing the street (#1 killer, btw). It's out of control.

So our tour guide is Australian (obviously) and after listening to her talk for like 20 minutes, I already was talking with an accent in my head. With any luck I'll sound like an Aussie by the time I get home :)

I miss you!! Tell everyone I miss them too! Giovanni says hello. He misses you too. Hope the wedding thing is going well ;)

Love you!!!

Proof that no matter how old our kids are, we still miss them when they're far from us, are happy when they say "I love you" and think it's cute and have to share it when they say funny things.

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Soul Pockets said...

It's great that Lauren and Giovanni are able to experience Australia for WYD. I am a little jello! :)

You have a super family with wonderful kids.