Sunday, May 31, 2009

a new path

I have neglected you so!

As I've said so many times, during busy periods in my life, I don't write here as I'd like to.

I have so many things to share! As I write this my seven-year-old, who should be in bed, is standing over my shoulder, asking for ice cream.

Tomorrow I start a new job! I've been hired to serve as the editor of PIME World Magazine. PIME Missionaries, based here in Detroit, serve the poor all over this world of ours. They bring them provisions, companionship, and hope. And they preach the Gospel, in word and deed.

I'm so honored and humbled to be joining them.

I'll share more about my journey to this job, and my adventures once I get there. For now I'll beg for your prayers as I follow where God has lead me!


Laura said...

What a great adventure for you.
Sounds like a terrific publication.

Colleen said...


Sarah Reinhard said...


And WHOA! You're in DETROIT?!? We're not that far from each other... :)

Renzo said...

Hi, I am Renzo Milanese, PIME in Hong Kong. I have received the message you send to my superior. When I will have some idea I will send you something. For now, my spiritual support and prayer.

momto5minnies said...

Best wishes to you Cathy. I hope and pray that you find great joys in this new job!

Kate Wicker @ Momopoly said...

How's the job going, my friend?