Monday, May 4, 2009

do you like me? do you REALLY like me?

It's time to show your love for your favorites in the Catholic media!

Nominations for The Catholic New Media Awards (formerly the Catholic Blog Awards) open today. You must log in to nominate (it only takes a moment, and don't worry, they won't send you spam.)

Just click here for more info!

Here are this year's categories:


People's Choice Blog
Best Blog by a Cleric
Best Blog by a Religious
Best Blog by a Man
Best Blog by a Woman
Best Group Blog
Best Written Blog
Most Spiritual Blog
Most Informative Blog
Funniest Blog
Most Entertaining Blog
Best New Blog


People's Choice Podcast
Best Podcast by a Cleric
Best Podcast by a Religious
Best Podcast by a Man
Best Podcast by a Woman
Best Group Podcast
Most Informative Podcast
Best Produced Podcast
Most Spiritual Podcast
Best New Podcast
Funniest Podcast
Most Entertaining Podcast
Best Video Podcast

Web 2.0

Best Catholic News Website
Best Social Networking Site
Best Overall Catholic Website

1 comment:

Kate Wicker said...

I don't like you. I love you.

Grace is beautiful.

Congrats on the second job interview.

You rock.

Wish I could go to San Antonio. The CNMC was great last year here in Hotlanta.

All my kids are sleeping. I should be, too.