Saturday, March 14, 2009

remembering my baby girl

Celeste would have been four today.

I'm sharing the video (again) that I made last year on her birthday.

Thank you for remembering our family in prayer today!


Kim H. said...

Happy birthday beautiful angel baby Celeste!

Cathy, I'm praying for you extra today -- and I'm going to offer my Sunday Mass for Celeste, You and your beautiful family.

Love, hugs and prayers.

Laura said...

Beautiful video.
Powerful ending and painting.

Bia said...

Here's what I see:

A beautiful family.
A tiny baby that what oh so loved.


Out on a Limb said...

Happy Birthday sweet little one. Cathy, that video was beautiful. I especially loved seeing the pictures of her with your other children. They were just *beaming*.