Saturday, February 28, 2009

dinner's ready!

3. What would be on the menu for your ultimate birthday party?

Oh what a yummy interview question from Cassie!

Let's just say this right upfront: I love food. And drinks. And food.

And I adore parties.

Unfortunately I've developed a life rule for myself that involves just one simple edict: don't eat anything you like.

Isn't that the saddest thing ever? Of course I'm just kidding. Anyone who's seen me can attest to the fact that I am very well fed, or at least I certainly give that impression by my appearance!

OK, so the dream menu...

I really like simple foods, especially pizza, the really gooey good kind with lots of cheese and greasy toppings. I also love Mexican food. The botana from Xohchimilco's in Southwest Detroit is one of my favorite things in the world. Ooooh, the avocados, the green olives, the melted mexican cheese.....
I also love bread, real bread, with a chewy crust, covered in butter or dipped in olive oil.

I stopped eating bread for YEARS in my locarb days, and I still don't eat much. If I start I just can't seem to stop! During that same time I actually started to enjoy salads, so I figure my dream meal would include one of those. It has to feature fancy lettuce - no iceberg allowed - and fun things like nuts and gorgonzola cheese. Maybe a few bosc pear slices, too.

I am female, so of course I love chocolate. How about a dark chocolate cake with really thick ganache for dessert?No chocolate in the house? Then bring on the creme brulee.

And to drink? I can't eat without a glass of good red wine. OK, I often settle for cheap, mediocre red wine, but for my birthday? At the very least I require several glasses of my new favorite, Penfolds Shiraz/Cabernet.

The truth is I'm really not that fussy. As I write this my son is preparing dinner: broiled sirloin steaks, sauteed spicy broccoli and red-skin potatoes. I'm sipping a glass of shiraz. Please don't hate me.

I'm a lucky, well-fed lady.

I know it's Lent, but gimme the dish: what do you crave?


Laura said...

There's a place in the Greek town of Detroit that has very interesting pizza- I liked it a lot.
Covered in cheese.
I wish I could remember the name.
So, it's your birthday?
I may have to go back and read more carefully.
If it IS your birthday...happy birthday. If NOT happy happy day.

Rachel LaPointe said...

Asking a preggo what she craves? Right now, I'm still hankering after that hot fugdge sundae.

And you should be praising your at home chef more! Last nights steak and potatoes were fantastical.

Bia said...

here's what i say: crusty bread, some good cheese, and a glass of red wine...that's all it takes to make me happy.

salute! (Italian, for "to your health"; i.e. cheers!)

Cassie said...

You and I would get along very very well in the food department! And that dinner that someone else was making you?? That's my very favorite kind. I mean the kind that someone else makes, not necessarily the steaks and spicy broccoli, though I'd love that too!