Thursday, February 12, 2009

all hail

Rachel gave me a copy of this Mary Englebreit print this week. It is just so "me" that I had to post it here.

This Queen Mother is a spicy, blonde, young grandma type with cute eyeglasses and bunny slippers. And that drink in her hand? Long Island Iced Tea, I say.

If you look closely (I had to look over the top of my glasses and lean in real close) you will notice she is sporting a magic wand and has what looks like a chocolate cupcake at the ready.

That's my kinda role model.


momto5minnies said...


Rachel LaPointe said...


It's true. That picture is pretty much you now.

Laura said...

I love this....make her a brunette and have it just say QUEEN.
And it would be ME!

Soul Pockets said...

The picture is great! It really suits you.