Friday, March 14, 2008

happy birthday, baby girl

She would have been three today.

I prepared a video including photos of Celeste with some of the people who loved her most. (I'm a little disappointed that the video's not "perfect", but even though I considered reworking it this morning, I decided to leave it as it is. Things (and people) don't have to be perfect to be meaningful and loved.)

Sadly, when I tried to add it here I discovered it is too large! I'd be happy to email it to anyone who is interested in viewing it. In the mean time, here are some photos.

I would love to hear from some of my "prayer warriors" or those who have read her story. It's ok to ask for a little extra encouragement today, right?

Again, you can visit my website to learn more about my daughter's beautiful mission.

Happy Birthday, Celeste Marie! I can't wait until we can celebrate together!


Erica said...

Hey Cathy! This is Erica, from Christopher and Banks! I'll start by saying Happy Birthday, Celeste!

You and your family will definitely be in my prayers today, Cathy! I miss you a lot!
I officially quit Cristopher&Banks a couple months ago. I miss it and the people, but it wasn't fitting with my school schedule anymore...
Anyway, I just thought I'd drop you a comment on here to let you know I'm thinking of you and your family...
I hope you have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Prayers tonight for you and your lovely family, Catherine. I read Celeste's story.... a beautiful little girl in a beautiful family ....with a beautiful mother..... Happy Birthday indeed! God bless you all.

The Youtube video was awesome!

Kate said...

Just discovered this... My hubby's on call, the girls are in bed, and I was just browing my fave Catholic websites/blogs. Now I'm crying. Happy birthday, beautiful Celeste! And to her mommy, my prayers are with you. Happy Easter.