Sunday, January 11, 2009

writers living, writers writing

I fancy myself a writer.

I've written a book after all, and lots of articles, and I've got this snappy blog, after all. And ANOTHER blog, 'cause I'm a show-off. OK, so none of the above have received much attention lately. That's all right, I think I'm finally grown-up enough to realize something I didn't get back when I wrote this catchy phrase in my diary when I was 19: "When a writer stops writing, she stops living."

That's rather embarrassing.

I think what I meant to say was that those of us who "write", those who find it something as natural as breath and as essential as oxygen, feel very "un-alive" when our pencils lay unsharpened on our dusty desks. That is true, I suppose. But the living doesn't stop just because we're not recording it, in journals or notebooks, on yellow lined steno pads or computer screens.

Life goes on.

It's been going on here, that's for sure, even though I've been neglecting the preservation of it. The most important and delightful development is that I had a wonderful late Christmas gift delivered on the Feast of the Holy Family.

I'm having another grandbaby!

My daughter Lauren, who married in August, is expecting, just like her elder sister! (That sibling rivalry and competition never ends, does it?) Her baby will arrive in September, with the gold leaves and Indian summer breezes and back to school supplies. I'm thrilled! Our little Grace is due in early May, and Lauren, not to be out done by Rachel, will bring our second grandchild to us in the fall. How blessed we are.

I've been so busy these last couple weeks, even though the boys are back in school. They're doing so well, by the way. I think we made the right decision. It's strange, but I can't believe I ever homeschooled my children. Isn't that odd? I find as I get older that I am continually amazed by the things I did in earlier years. Did I really have four kids in that old flat in Hamtramck? Did I really manage to get around for years without a car? Did I really live without the internet? How did I homeschool children for 15 years, when what really felt natural was a career in business or advertising or fashion or photography? Did I really breastfeed several of them for one or even two years? How did I do all that?

So now I'm older and wiser, and a puppy is sleeping at my feet while I write. Sophie is adjusting well; we grow confident together. She is not accurate or consistent with her well, "eliminations" but she is improving. AJ has taught her to sit. She has gained a TON of weight (when you only weigh three pounds, going up to five is a big increase!) I'm getting to the point where I can't imagine not having her in my life. That's a happy feeling.

My Big Man made an amazing dinner for us tonight (stuffed pork tenderloin, asparagus with gorgonzola and almonds, cucumbers with sour cream, fresh berries.) Yes, I am a lucky woman. He just asked me if I could wash the dishes (the dish washer is broken - how shocking!) and I laughed out loud. But I'll do them, of course, how could I not?

I'd like to share more about one other thing that's been keeping me really busy these days -- my upcoming performance in a community theater show. Now you are intrigued, aren't you? Let's just say for now that it includes tap dancing. Isn't that enough to bring you back for more?

So I'm living, and maybe not writing so much, but living. If I don't I'll have nothing to say, right?


Lolo said...

My baby looks like a naked mole rat.

Also, I was thinking the other day about the times when Joey slept on a roll-out mat on their bedroom floor. The good old days!

Kim H. said...

God is so good! Best news of all - another wonderful gift from God. I'm so excited for you and your family. I LOVE THE TWO GROWING BABY widgets - kinda makes me want to have one, 'cept your husband has to be living in the same time zone for all that to work...(I know totally TMI!) :) I hope your daughter is feeling okay. I know those early weeks are so exhausting. I'm totally adding her to my prayers.

Anyway, even though I've missed you, I know you are all about what you need to be about - does that make sense?...You're doing the next right thing. And that's awesome.

And yes, I cannot wait to hear more about the theatre production. I'll be waiting on pins and needles - and just make sure when you post about it you have pictures, kay?

Belated birthday wishes! I'm a loser. I read that it was your birthday and processed it, oh, about 2 weeks later. Yes, I am slow on the uptake these days. Forgive me.

Hugs, kisses and prayers my friend!

Soul Pockets said...

Cathy when God sends his blessings your way He really sends them! How awesome to have not one but two babies on the way!

I must know more about this tap dancing business!