Wednesday, January 14, 2009

stomach flu remedy

There's not one available here, but I got your attention didn't I?

After reading about what happened to Laura when she included "stomach flu" in a blog post title, I couldn't resist. (Laura, I told you I was not above this!) Thankfully, no remedies of that sort are needed around here, although several of us are now battling colds in addition to our other woes.

I'm managing my crosses a bit better today, thanks in part to the wonderful encouragement I received from my dear blog readers. Have I thanked you all lately? I had tears in my eyes more than once as I read your comments on my last post. I felt so encouraged, so thankful for the friends I have found here in the blogosphere. I'm one of those who believes real relationships can be formed online (I certainly hope so - my daughter married the young man she met that way!)

As an update - the driver of the other vehicle appears to have told the truth about the matter, which is great news! I paid $120 to have my dishwasher "fixed" - the filter needed to be cleaned, that's all - but it's working now and I'm over it. The rest of the house is still somewhat "imperfect" but it's warm and filled with people I love. I'm focusing on that today.

So on from stomach flu to other fun things that start with "s" - for that's today's theme, thanks again to my favorite Catholic school teacher on the planet.

Here's my assignment: list ten things I love that start with "s." Wow, what an easy assisgnemt! "S" is like the best letter ever!!!

Here's the first ten that came to mind.

I like it, I love it, I want more of it! I so rarely experience it that when I do I want to hold gently like a precious jewel. Just one of the reasons I treasure my chances to visit Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. The silence feeds my soul.

Like the first item, it's a rare and priceless gift I long to give myself. I like me. I miss me. I want to spend more time with me, just me. I vant to be alone.

Michigan winters can be lovely, all covered with fields of white, barren branches bejeweled with icy crystals. But how much lovelier it is on a sunny day! I miss the sun! I put my sunglasses on yesterday, for the first time in weeks, and almost wept. I adore the sun, and I tend to go all seasonal-affective when it goes missing for months at a time. I can't wait for spring, when I'll throw caution to the wind and sit outside in my shorts, sans sunscreen. (I know; no lectures. I need vitamin D, right?)

Even though midwest winters can be harsh, they lead us to really appreciate spring. I really enjoy the change of seasons. The carnival of lavender, fuschia and chartreuse in spring, the sand and hot blue skies of summer, the butterscotch leaves of fall, the moonlight diamonds of winter....what gorgeous gifts He gives us!

Cayenne, garlic, rosemary, savory, thyme, sage. Bring 'em on. Wouldn't food (and life) be boring without them? I like to spice things up, both in the kitchen and elsewhere. That whole variety thing makes things fun.

They're visually interesting, delicious, nutritious and lo-carb. Try them with sour cream and brown sugar. Yum.

I love everything to do with the theater. I love being on the stage, behind the scenes, or in the audience. One of my favorite aspects is the magic that can be achieved by creative folks who understand one of the most important truths about it: good theater can educate and even heal us.

Everybody's got one, and I want to hear them. I love all kinds of stories, the kind we speak to one other, the kind we read, and the kind we tell through the quality of our touch, the timbre of our voices, and the emotions in our eyes.

For someone sensitive to sugar, splenda is a godsend. It's a small but lovely addition to my day. I feel so indulgent when I'm drinking my sweet cup of tea that only contains one calorie and no carbs!


Can a woman have too many sweaters? I think not. They are soft, pretty, and cover up our imperfections, real or imagined, if they are cut nice and generously.

I could go on and on here with the letter "s." Songs, silver, sons, supercailifragilisticexpealidociuos. Sangria, Santa Claus, Santa Fe, San Diego. Saints, stars, symphonies, sandwiches, soundtracks. And let's not forget Sophie!

Would you like your own letter? Visit Laura and she'll assign you one. Let me know when your list is up!

(If she gives you "f", will you include "flu?" If you do I'll look the other way!)


Sharon said...

You took all the great S's! lol

Love reading your blog and hope I am in the number of bloggers you love!!!!

Kim H. said...

I was so happy to read your post today. In fact this morning I was thinking of you and I went to your blog to see if you had your e-mail there because I wanted to send you a note to let you know I was thinking of YOU especially. For reals. :)

I am so pleased to hear that the other person chose to be honest. See, there is still some hope for humanity. And I am pleased the dishwasher "only" cost you $120.

I was feeling all annoyed thinking about how much my pneumonia cost us this month. I'm sure you remember my recent rant about having to pay for prescriptions out of pocket, you would not believe how much I have schucked out this month.

And then we had the friend who was going to take down a tree in our yard - and give us a deal - which he did - but a deal, for our portion (we split it with our neighbors) was still $500 - and he showed up the first week of December without warning. Yep, that hurts the month of Christmas.

Then there was the exciting purchase of brake pads, shoes and rotors - $508 thankyouverymuch.

Add in the prescriptions and it's all just downright depressing. BUT, it is what it is. I can't change the timing of life. And it's okay though because we can still survive on mac-n-cheese and tuna for the rest of the month, no problem-o!

Kim H. said...

Oh, one other thing - when I smooch on my kids I sing that song "I like it, I love it, I want some more of it...." And Molly finishes with her "version" - and she always says "the little girls love it!" I laugh every time.

Thank you for making me smile!

Laura said...

I didn't really grasp that you were a theater gal.
You and I have lots to talk about.
My father worked in the theater department of Catholic University for over 40 years. 15 of those he was head of the dept.I come from a long line of drama-noids.