Monday, September 22, 2008

my wild weekend

Like many moms, I usually spend the weekend playing "catch up." I try to catch up with the laundry, the housework, the various redecorating projects we've got going, the lesson plans, the kids' and hubby's lives and maybe even some sleep.

Not this weekend.

It was a little different. Actually, a lot different. I was pondering this morning the many "firsts" I experienced this weekend, and I kinda liked it.

Just a partial list of my weekend fun:

I sang karaoke in public for the very first time. (KC and the Sunshine Band, FYI.)

I met some very interesting folks at this very interesting establishment, including a highly tatooed man who had ink commemorating both his time in prison and the death of his beloved father and a couple who met singing karaoke and had been married for 14 years.

I ate the best reuben sandwich of my life.

I attended an open house for a local crisis pregnancy center, and learned that there is so much each of us NEEDS to do to support these awesome facilities.

I watched my son Joey win his very first high school soccer game.

Sitting on the sunny sidelines of another soccer field, I witnessed the first time my son John held the score to 0-0 as goal keep.

Faced with myriad choices, something that normally overwhelms me, I chose both carpeting for my bedroom ("Mantra") and paint for my kitchen ("Leaf Bud").

I watched a football game on television from start to finish, another first for me. (It was the Lions and of course they lost but it still counts.)

I took a stack of clothes to a consignment shop, leaving my closet and my soul feeling much lighter.

I ate pizza with everything, except guilt.

I didn't do any laundry.

At Sunday Mass, I looked down the pew and was thrilled to see almost my entire family there. (Only one son-in-law was missing; he had to attend another Mass.) I felt almost giddy with pride. We take up a whole row.

I listened to the whole soundtrack of "Wicked."

The Big Man and I walked a local trail to the tune of 5.6 miles. That's the most I've ever walked in one time!
We saw snails and slugs, and they were cool. And we actually moved faster than they did.

It was a great weekend, both eclectic and simple. Life's like that, ya know?
Life's awesome.
Go out and live it.


Urban Mom said...

What a completely amazing weekend! You rock!

Jamie said...

What a great weekend, you are such a great writer!

Soul Pockets said...

Your weekend sounds amazing. Good for you!