Monday, May 26, 2008


Now, it's your job to get one another to Heaven."

As I heard our pastor instruct my daughter and her new husband Saturday afternoon, I was overcome with joy and awe. Marriage is a sacrament; with its grace my little girl and her love will be on their path to Heaven. (And now it's my son-in-law's job; am I off the hook?)

Bittersweet, yet joyful. The wedding was extraordinary. We were blessed with beautiful weather, a moving ceremony, and a party that rocked! I can't wait to share photos. For now I'm including this lovely photo from our photographer's website. I haven't seen the photos yet but I was so impressed with Stacey's professionalism and "eye" that I'm sure I'll have much to share.

Join me in praying for the new Mr. and Mrs. Christopher LaPointe!

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Kate said...

Congratulations, Cathy. Loved the photos!

In Christ,
Kate Wicker