Sunday, April 4, 2010

In His Shadow

A repost of a poem I wrote on Easter morning, 2008

I had walked within your shadow
On the road in Galilee
I watched in awe your hands work miracles
Lame men walk now; blind men see.

I felt your shadow fall upon me
When the widow touched the hem
Of your cloak as you passed by her
With your crowd of holy men.

I was jealous of her boldness
As she put out an eager hand
Afraid to walk too near you
I just followed in the sand.

I was in the crowd that greeted you
As you entered like a King
Your shadow cast a regal sphere
As our bold hosannas rang.

You walked that path again so soon
Your blood fell upon the stone
I hid in a darkened doorway.
I let you walk alone.

Was there a shadow cast on Calvary?
Or was the darkness vast and deep?
I do not know.
I did not go.
Alone, I cried myself to sleep.

Yesterday there was no shadow
No place left for me to hide
No one there to heal this cripple
Maimed by selfishness and pride.

This morning Mary ran to greet me
Though I can scarcely take it in
She says the tomb is empty
She says you live again.

Is it true? Am I still dreaming?
Have I been given one more chance?
Might I be able to follow you again?
In your shadow, now to dance?

Mary smiles and says, "Just trust Him.
'Do not be afraid,' He said."
I go with her to see the shadow
Of the stone that guards no dead.

You are alive and I am weeping
Standing in a bold new place
Soon I'll glory in the shadow
Of your brilliant, Holy Face.

I used to fear the darkness
Like a child in bed at night
But I no longer fear the shadow
For in it I am close to Light.


Do Not Be Anxious said...

Thank you, Cathy, for words to uplift my being. Despite the glory of this celebration day, the other cares and news so often intrude, and my celebration is muted.
For at least a few minutes, as I read your poem, I again felt the happiness of the day. I again felt the great blessings given -- and even those from you.

GrandmaK said...

"You are alive and I am weeping
Standing in a bold new place
Soon I'll glory in the shadow
Of your brilliant, Holy Face." This verse touched me deeply today! Thank you!!! Happy Easter to your and yours!!! Cathy

suzannr said...

beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I like your mini bio. I see similarities in how I too yearn to live my life. I had bookmarked your blog many months ago and I am happy to have stumbled upon it again. All the best to you. Thank you.

Melissa Dargan Heintjes said...

wow! I'm not usually into religion even though I was raised by 2 devout catholics ... But this poem is absolutely breathtaking. I think it should be published.