Monday, December 7, 2009

all my world's a stage

The show opened Friday, and it went amazingly well! Our audiences were wonderful (a packed house on Saturday!) and our performance finally came together.

I thought I knew this story inside and out, but performing the role of Mary has given me a new perspective. I wrote about it today here.

I can't believe it, but I'm actually looking forward to performing again next weekend! (It was such a grueling tech week it's hard to believe I feel that way.)

But sometimes theater is magic, and when it is, it's irresistible.


Laura said...

I wish I were in your neck of the woods so I could see it! My sister played Mary 3 times in the local dinner theater's musical version.You must be having so much fun, and you and your husband look adorable!

GrandmaK said...

My have I been out of the loop for a long glad you had a rewarding experience. God Bless you! Grand Picture!!!!!! Cathy