Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lukie and the F-bomb

Since I haven't been posting many anecdotes here lately, it seemed appropriate to kick things off with a humdinger.

Lukie is in the second grade at our parish school. He sits in the front row, first seat on the left. He spends his days learning about subtraction, spelling words with silent e, and other mysteries of the universe. He's a good kid, I suppose. At least I haven't heard too many scary stories about him. Until now, that is.

Lukie sits with two other little urchins, we'll call them Butch and Buster. The three of them apparently had quite a scintillating conversation last week, according to Butch's mom, who shared this story with me.

Buster: (in a clear, loud voice) My brother said "F" to me. (Note: he did not exactly say "F.")
Butch: "F"? What's "F"?
Lukie: Yeah, what's "F"?
Buster: I don't know, but he said "F."

(At this point I imagine their teacher rushing toward them, her eyes wide, her hand over her open mouth, aghast. I also imagine this in slow motion, for effect.)

Teacher: WHAT are you boys saying????

At this point a lightbulb appears over Lukie's head, and wisdom and insight are his.

Lukie: "F"...hmm..what is "F"? I know. "F" is a cow.


Yep, my son then proceeded to tell the other boys that he was pretty sure that "F" was another word for cow.

Butch's mom and I enjoyed this episode more than we probably should, for two important reasons.

One: Lukie (and her Butch) did not report to the teacher that they heard their older brother/uncle/dad or MOM say that word, EVER. Thank you God.

Two: There is still some innocence left in this world. And some of it is in our particular children.

Thank you God.


Christy Czarniecki said...

Moo :D

Lora said...

LOL! Thank goodness for innocence!

Melissa said...

That is a cute story!! It brought back memories of when my son was in kindergarten last year at our parish school and came home one day trying to show me how another boy in his class taught him to basically flip people off. He didn't know what the gesture meant let alone how to effectively do it. I asked who showed him at school and then I warned him if I ever saw him do it again I was going to tell their teacher what was going on because what he was doing was very bad. I also told him to tell his little friend if he didn't stop I was going to the teacher.
I'm not sure if he told his friend what I said, but I do know he never attempted to give the finger again. :)

Irish Chick Soup said...

That's adorable! I wonder where he got the cow from though?

Laura said...

I remember specifically my younger sister saying something like this.
Of course, I got her in trouble.
(This would be a great movie scene.)