Thursday, February 28, 2008

I can haz nonsense

Humorous Pictures
As my 79-year-old mother would say, What in the world?!
In the category of most interesting thing to cross my desk today is the highly intellectual and stimulating website

The infamous LOL cats are on the loose, and they've even sunk their claws into this clueless housewife who's usually protected from such uselessness. I pride myself on spending my time with worthwhile endeavors (like reading Dean Koontz novels and even homeschooling children) and I'm normally spared the best (and worst) of pop culture.

It's anybody's call this time. I must admit when I first spied one of these critters, I was intrigued. Their nasty grammar reminded me of the difficulty I've been having teaching my boys their English lessons, and we all love cute animals, right? When a link appeared beneath the name of one of my future sons-in-law in my on my contact list, I had to check it out.

We really are a culture with too much time on our hands, aren't we? But I confess I laughed out loud when I visited the site. It's still OK to do that, right? Laugh at something just because it's silly and fun? That's all I can say today. Nothing profound, nothing important. It's just OK to laugh.


Giovanni said...

You can haz blag?
This is a great blag on the interweb. You should keep up the good work. Soon the world will be a better place!

Thomas said...

i love your blog !