Friday, May 15, 2009

7 quick takes

Jen rules for plenty of reasons. One of my favorite things about her? She hosts 7 Quick Takes Friday. That's an opportunity for slackers like me to get a post out with seven recent highlights from the week. Here are my picks for today:

My granddaughter Grace is now three weeks old. Of course, I am totally objective about this: she is the most beautiful girl ever.

My son Joey did something radical this week. He shaved his head. Has he gone all emo? Is he joining a band or a gang of hooligans? Naw, he did it for a much nobler reason - to support his friend Chris, who has cancer. A bunch of other guys from his youth group went bald as well. In my opinion, they rock. It's still a little hard to look at Joey, though. He had more hair when he was born.

I had an exciting event myself this week. I went to a job interview for a "real" full-time job. It went well and I've managed to get a call back for a second one. I'm so nervous and excited. The possibility of getting the job is just as scary as the thought that I might not. This one is entirely in God's hands.

Sophie has finally figured out that the backyard is the best place to "do her business." I can't really overstate the importance of this achievement!

Our community theater production of Cabaret was nominated for ten PAGE Awards! These awards are the local equivalent of the Emmy's for us. I didn't get one for my work on costumes. Oh well. It's hard to compete with big budget period shows. I did my best, and that counts for something, right?

Life doesn't usually get easier as we age, does it? My parents need your prayers. Mom has been diagnosed with breast cancer, and she needs surgery. She just found out she is losing her part time job, as well. Dad is consumed with the reality that he just can't garden like he used to. (He' "only" 88, and he should be able to get out there and hoe, right?) He's also worried about Mom, who he loves like crazy while driving her crazy. I'm trying to be a good daughter, but ya know what? That ain't easy either.

Tonight my parish festival begins. Imagine this: you are seven years old, and two blocks from your home a ferris wheel towers above the neighborhood. Elephant ears covered with cinnamon sugar, foot long coney dogs, and snow cones are calling your name. All your friends are there. Are you excited? Are you kidding? You are jumping out of your skin! My boys can't wait to get there tonight!

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Lolo said...

Joey looks like some sort of clergy in that picture.

Lerin said...

Baby Grace is gorgeous!