Friday, February 27, 2009

7 quick takes: my premiere edition

You may have noticed that I don't have a blog roll on my sidebar.

I decided not to add one because I'm 1) a slacker; 2) I'd feel bad if I hurt someone's feelings by leaving them out and 3) I'd feel obligated to visit listed blogs all the time and I'm bad at that.

Of course I do have my favorites. Every so often I come across a blog that is so smart, funny, spiritual and/or insightful that I swear I must've started another blog in my sleep and forgotten about it.

Those of you who are better at scouting out the gems probably met Jen at Conversion Diary long ago, but I just got around to sniffing around her site recently. Her blog has all the qualities listed above, and more.

Fridays she hosts "Seven Quick Takes." I'm often tempted to pick these ideas up, and when I do I'm inconsistent. But I've decided to give it a go, mostly because I'm jealous of Jen and want to be more like her. (That and the fact that I've committed to more writing are my motivators!)

So here is my first edition (it might be the last, I'm not making any promises, so don't get excited.)

I've come up with a "theme" for Lent: "Speak, Lord, your servant is listening." I realize that my relationship with Jesus is not all that different from my other relationships: I do most of the talking. I'm attempting to spend some quiet time every day just being. I trust that He knows what He's doing, and He'll fill me in as needed.

I can't believe my first grandchild will be here in only a couple months! When I noticed the number on the widget had dropped to the 60s, I started to get really excited.

I admit I'm feeling some of that "how will I ever love this baby as much" that moms feel when they are expecting their second child. Remember that? Of course we always love them with all our hearts, because as I tell my children, the hearts of mothers grow every time a new child comes along. (The pie doesn't get cut into smaller slices, the pie gets bigger!)

Experienced grandmothers keep telling me I will go absolutely wild for my grandbabies, and that I will love them so much I won't be able to stand it. I'm sure that's the case, but I still feel they're not going to be as amazing as MY babies.

But like my mom has told me, these ARE my babies, in a very real sense.

I'm sure I'll figure that out when I see the little cuties. In the meantime, an important question to consider: what will they call me?

Grandma, Nana, Memaw, Grandmother? All we've come up with that feels right is Grandma Hottie. Your thoughts?

Sophie is the cutest thing ever. Yesterday it was springlike enough outside for me to take her for her first Long Walk. She did great, staying right by my side. I was unprepared when she pooped on someone's sidewalk (I'm so sorry, neighbor!) but other than that it went well.

She is still not housebroken, which is her only real flaw. I know, that's MY failing, not hers. I'm going to buckle down and really work with her soon to get her going outside in the proper spot ALL THE TIME.

My kids are doing really well in school. John and Luke are getting good grades, and more importantly, excellent marks in their behavior. Joey has also really taken to high school living. He's decided to take band next year, because if this family needs anything, it's a trumpet player.

AJ is taking classes at the local community college. I'm officially done with our homeschool days, but I still spend time with him talking about his photoshop class, setting goals for his future (culinary arts, perhaps?) and watching inappropriate videos on youtube. It's all good.

Lauren is preparing to graduate, with honors, from nursing school in May. I'm incredibly proud of her. It looks like she'll be continuing her job at Children's Hospital on the rehab/burn unit after she gets the RN after her name.

Rachel's a student in the school of life now, scoring at the top of her class. There might be a prenatal class in the next few weeks as well, although she's informed me that she really already knows all there is to know. That's my girl.


The Big Man and I have been discussing the possibility of me getting a "real" job. I'm alternately terrified and excited by the idea.


I've set up an interview Monday with a Real Live TV Star. I'm more than a little nervous, because he is a Real Live TV Star, one that I used to watch on my favorite soap opera (as Meg Ryan's love interest) when I was in high school. He is tall and good looking and he lives in Hollywood, and did I mention he is a Real Live TV Star? He is also a committed Christian who is using his acting ability to present the Gospel to his audiences. Pretty cool, huh? Visit his site: And pray that I don't get all goofy when I talk with him next week.


I've decided I cannot ever watch "Baby Story" on TLC again. I used to watch it when I was pregnant, and I'd ball my eyes out when the babies were born. When I wasn't pregnant I'd think it was somewhat inappropriate to be a witness to such a highly personal moment in a woman's life.

Now, I'm a pre-menopausal woman who isn't pregnant, and watching it makes me cry AND wonder what in the world these women are thinking. And it makes me mourn my Baby Girl, and wonder at the fact that I survived losing her.

She's on my mind a lot these days. I miss her.

This is one of my favorite photographs: it reminds me of her.


Maria (also Bia) said...

Every family needs a trumpet player or an electric guitar player . . . and I have TWO of those. Trade you?

I'm with you on Baby story . . . I saw it the other day and began missing those quiet times when I nursed. I miss nursing and the incredible bonding that occurs.

Christine said...

I send my (((hugs))) to you as you miss your sweet sweet little girl.

Congrats to your kids and all they do.

Have a great weekend!

Soul Pockets said...

You are defiantly not the "Grandmother" type (The name I mean) I like grandma hottie then there is always Gram Cracker (one of my favorites)

I have been watching A Baby Story every day and crying everyday! As soon as I have a baby I don't watch it anymore...weird.

Wow, your kids are doing so good! I will have one in Kindergarten, 3rd grade, and 6th next year. Will we have any together in the same class?

I am dreading the day I may be on the look out for a "real" if.

I would be excited too but after being the boss for so long I would wonder if I could handle being the "employee" BUT I am sure what ever you set out to do you will be great. That is just who you are. :)

Sending hugs for you and your sweet baby girl.

Laura said...

I am thinking of not following anyone anymore for the same reasons you don't have a blogroll.
Don't want to hurt any feelings but it is about me. (It's not you it's me.)
I can't keep up and there are so many blogs I like. SO MANY.
The link list helps me to remember many of them but then it's a vicious circle of linking/not linking. that out.
I am on a listening track too.
Listening for God.
Listening to people.
I don't always have to say something.
Huge Huge Huge lesson for me.
The butterfly is a lovely symbol for life.

Anonymous said...

I do the 7 quick takes just to feel more " autorized" to go ahead and look at everyone's else blogs.
I found a couple great blogs this way :)

Actually now that I think about it I think I used to follow your blog! And I stopped for the same reasons you wrote: great blogs but oo many to read them all...
Did you change your theme? I like the new feeling of your blog!

Kim H. said...

I will be praying for you extra hard these days as you're missing your sweet Celeste -- and I'll probably now always think of your darling angel when I see a butterfly. :)

Although Grandma Hottie is hilarious -- I like Nonnie. My young neighbor is a grandma and that's what her grandbabies call her. My Molly also started calling my Mom "geema" because she couldn't say Grandma. That always makes me smile. I actually catch myself calling my Mom "geema" from time to time.

Can't wait to hear about your real life tv star interview. You are going to dish, right?...

Hugs, honey!